Tucson, AZ, is a great city to visit for all sorts of reasons, and one of these reasons is the many amusement and fun parks the city has to offer. From family-friendly attractions to thrilling roller coasters and other fascinating attractions, there is something to suit everyone of all ages in Tucson. Information can be found here.

The most iconic amusement park in Tucson is Trail Dust Town. This park is the place to go to enjoy the Wild West. The park features a museum, replica buildings, saloons, and a three-level carousel. Visitors can ride on the old-fashioned steam train, get delicious eats, and participate in plenty of family activities. See here for information about Discovering Tucson, AZ Ancient Wonders: Exploring Its Historical Highlights.

Camelot Park is also an excellent place for family fun. This amusement park has a laser tag arena, bumper cars, miniature golf, arcade and carnival games, and a roller coaster. Kids of all ages can brave the loop roller coaster; a real crowd-pleaser.

A trip to Tucson would only be complete with a visit to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Not technically an amusement park, this museum provides visitors with an educational look at the wildlife and plants of the Sonoran Desert. It also has a replica of a prehistoric Pueblo village, live animal presentations, a hummingbird aviary, and a cactus garden.

Tucson has so much to offer, and the city’s many amusement and fun parks are one of the biggest draws. Visit any of the parks above, and you will have a blast!