The Arizona History Museum in Tucson features fascinating collections and presentations of Arizona’s rich cultural heritage. With works of art, including the world-famous “Atlas of the Arizona History Museum,” a portion you can view here. Other attractions include a free evening movie series, music, lectures, and events throughout the year. Learn more here.

History buffs will enjoy a trip to the Arizona History Museum in Tucson, where they can view ancient artifacts, such as Geronimo’s rifle. There is also an interpretive center where one can learn about Arizona cultures, societies, and history. The museum has interactive exhibits, educational activities, and video displays that explore Arizona culture. The permanent exhibition hall includes an impressive collection of weapons and artifacts, handcrafted pottery and metalwork, textiles, decorative arts, Native American jewelry and pottery, and other art forms from Arizona. Arizona History Museum in Tucson holds an annual Friends of the Arizona History Museum Day each May to recognize Arizona’s significant role in preserving and protecting our country’s historical sites and artifacts. Learn more about The 2 Main Attractions at Yume Japanese Gardens of Tucson in Arizona.

Children will also love the Arizona History Museum in Tucson, which offers free family-friendly activities regularly. This museum also features seasonal exhibits of local art and crafts, including seasonal food displays. The museum hosts storytelling evenings and workshops for children of all ages, along with nature programs, nature camps, nature walks, and other hands-on, self-contained activities. These include the Arizona Historical Society Museum, the Arizona State University College of Ethnic and Cultural Studies, and the Arizona History Museum in Phoenix.