When people think of Arizona, they generally imagine the desert. Oro Valley is a town that lies between Tucson and Phoenix. It’s known for being one of the safest towns in America due to its high level of law enforcement personnel per resident. So what else should you know about this place? Keep reading to find out. Information can be found here.

Oro Valley has a population of 41,000 and is the second-fastest-growing town in Arizona. The median income for residents living in Oro Valley is $90,000 per year with many well-known businesses such as Intel Corporation having offices there. They are also home to one of the most expensive golf courses around. It’s ranked among Golf Digest’s top 100 best places to play in America. See here for information about The Perfect Small Town of Marana, Arizona.

It takes an average resident only 17 minutes from their car door to work which means less time spent on commuting than other towns its size like Tucson or Chandler where that number is closer to 25 minutes each way. That helps people who live here save money because they spend so much less on gas.

Oro Valley has managed to keep its crime rate low by maintaining a small police force of just over 20 officers, which means most cities have about twice the number per capita than this town does. Finally, if you’re looking for a place with lots of open space and fresh air that’s not crowded then look no further because as far as towns near Arizona are concerned they don’t come any better in terms of natural beauty and cleanliness.