Casas Adobes, Arizona, is a small town that can boast many attractions. Casas Adobes lies on the south side of Tucson’s city limits in Pimiera del Sur. It is the fourth largest town in Arizona and is about two hours from Phoenix, the state’s capital. Casas Adobes has a unique history and some interesting sites. If you are interested in exploring these attractions, then you will need to have all of the information you need before you travel to this amazing destination. Information can be found here.

First, if you are unfamiliar with this city, then you should know that Casas Adobes had been one of the major military bases for the United States Military during World War II. The base was established in an area of Mexico that was strategically important to both the United States and the Mexican military. Some of the buildings from this base still stand, which is part of why Casas Adobes became known as a ghost town. The ghost town designation may be due to the fact that Casas Adobes was considering a complete ghost town when the military left the area for good. Many of these structures remain because they were left behind when American soldiers came to inspect a possible invasion of Mexico. Casas Adobes was not built again until the 1980s, so you will have to visit the various attractions in this scenic area to see them up close. See here for information about The Stunning Casas Adobes, Arizona.

Another interesting fact about Casas Adobes, Arizona, is that it is one of only two cities in the entire United States that hosted the first Olympic Games in over a hundred years. The Olympic Games were held in Casas Adobes in January of 1996. Casas Adobes was also one of just two cities in the United States to host the Winter Olympics in over twenty years, so you can imagine how much has changed since Casa Adobes was selected as a site for the games. There are plenty of historical attractions, such as museums and memorial plaques, to help you gain information about the history of Casa Adobes, as well as places to shop. There are a few fun things to do in the area, such as Casa Adobes, Golf, and Casa Adobes, Snowboarding.