Discover the wonders of nature and the beauty of wild animals at the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson, Arizona. Located at 4800 W. Gates Pass Road, this museum is a great place for anyone interested in the animal kingdom to explore nature and its animals. The International Wildlife Museum is the leading natural history museum of Southern Arizona. With an outstanding collection of over 400 animal species, the museum is a great way to learn about the animals in our world, both present and extinct. From African lions to Asian elephants, visitors can experience something different during their tour of the museum. Through interactive exhibits, as well as informative talks by knowledgeable staff, the International Wildlife Museum offers a unique experience. Look here for more about Tucson, AZ.

The museum also takes pride in its conservation efforts. Working together with local organizations and government agencies, the museum strives to protect wildlife in its native habitats, as well as teach visitors about the importance of these habitats. Conservation education is also a major focus for the museum, as it provides interactive activities and programs to help visitors learn about animal species from all around the world. When visiting the International Wildlife Museum, the first thing any guest may notice when they walk in is the incredible collection of taxidermy throughout the museum. Everything from African antelopes to Asian tigers, the collection is truly one of a kind and truly spectacular. Taxidermy is a great way to understand the physical characteristics of each species and get an up-close look at what they look like in the wild. Information about Exploring Tucson, AZ: Can You Escape can be found here.