Located in the heart of Tucson, AZ, Children’s Museum Oro Valley at Tohono Chul is an educational and exciting destination for children of all ages. The Tohono Chul is a multicultural, educational, and environmental center featuring a variety of educational exhibits and interactive activities. Children’s Museum Oro Valley is dedicated to providing an exciting opportunity for children and families to explore and learn about the natural world. The Children’s Museum Oro Valley focuses on introducing children to the world of science in an accessible format. They cover topics such as astronomy, botany, geology, zoology, anatomy, and physics. The on-site resources are designed to provide a fun and educational environment for kids to explore the world around them. Kids visiting the museum can view the displays, take part in activities, attend demonstrations, and take part in a variety of interactive learning experiences. Find further facts here.

The Children’s Museum Oro Valley has a variety of interactive exhibits and educational features. This includes the Junior Botanist program, which allows kids to study plants and animals from different environments, and the “Water Wonderland” exhibit, which teaches children the importance of conserving water. Kids can also get hands-on experience doing excavations and touring the museum’s cacti collection. These activities are designed to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the environment and its creatures. The museum also offers special events and activities throughout the year that are both fun and educational. Some of the events held at the museum include an animal enrichment event, a butterfly and pollinator program, and an outdoor movie night. During the school year, they host special field trips and educational programs that bring science to life. Learn more about Uncovering the Hidden Treasures of Southern Arizona’s Transport Museum in Tucson.