Marana, Arizona, is the second-largest city in Pima County, Arizona, and is the fifth most populous city in the State of Arizona. Marana has a population of about 34,963 as of the 2021 census. From 1990 to 2021, Marana was also the second fastest-growing city in Arizona of any size, behind Tucson. Click here for facts about Tucson, AZ.

Marana is also an excellent tourist destination because of its natural attractions. There are lots of exciting things to do in Marana, such as the Grand Canyon, the Historic West Rim, Silent Valley and the Parklands, Arizona National Guard Outposts, and lots more. Marana has lots of fun activities such as golfing, horseback riding, boating, hiking, fishing, and water skiing. It’s home to many top Arizona attractions. Click here to read about The Spectacle Land Forms of Flowing Wells In Arizona.

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