Tortolita, Arizona, is a beautiful destination located in Pima County in Arizona. It is a beautiful, scenic mountain community nestled between the majestic Phoenix Mountains and the scenic San Miguel National Forest. This beautiful community is perfect for nature lovers and has a variety of attractions for those who visit. There are numerous attractions located in and around Tortolita, some of which are listed below. There are more than a thousand seasonal and permanent waterfalls located within three miles of Tortolita. Some of these waterfalls include La Verduco Falls, Vernal Fall, Bear Dance Creek, and the South Rim of The Grand Canyon. More can be found here.

The second major attraction in Tortolita is Paradise Lakes, State Park. There are many waterfalls and natural lakes surrounded by lush green surroundings in this park. The main park features a hiking path, picnic area, boat ramps, playgrounds, cabin rentals, and observation towers. Information about the various attractions can be found at the Paradise Lakes Visitors’ Center or online at the Paradise Lakes Association of Arizona website. Other attractions include the Tortolita Tree Walk, Sun Devil Park, and many nature paths and attractions. The Tortolita, Arizona Golf and Country Club also offers special courses designed to help improve your game. Read about Enjoy and Travel In Rillito, Arizona here.

Tortolita offers plenty of things to do in the form of cultural events such as concerts, exhibits, and festivals. It is home to the Tucson Folk Festival and the annual Tucson Sonora Jazz Festival. There are many sporting events held at Tortolita as well. One of these events is the annual Tortolita Desert Film Festival. If you are looking for information about all the attractions and historic places that make Tortolita, Arizona, a unique destination, then you will want to check out the information about Tortolita, Arizona.