Flowing Wells, Arizona, is one of the best-known Arizona tourist destinations. Flowing Wells was designated as a county historical landmark in 1950. It lies in Pima County’s metropolitan area south of the scenic Phoenix River. It is part of Scottsdale, a city of Maricopa County found in northern Arizona. It is bordered by the scenic Golden River and is surrounded by beautiful, sun-drenched, and rugged landscapes. It has been called the “Rural Paradise on Earth” and “The Valley of the Sun.” More can be found here.

There are many attractions to be found in and around the city. It has a large outdoor recreation and fishing park, historic music festivals, and outdoor adventure activities year-round. There is the historic “Gold Rush” museum, where visitors can learn about the mining history of the area. There are also many attractions such as the “Gladiator’s Arena,” the “Carolinas Picnic Grounds,” and the “Arlington Museum.” The famous “Pike’s Peak” can also be found in nearby Pike’s Peak Country Park. Learn more about Discovering The Enthralling Catalina Foothills In Arizona.

Flowing Wells is truly a unique community with many different activities available for its residents and visitors. There is plenty to do at “the top of the world.” In addition to enjoying the attractions, there are shopping, dining, and nightlife. Tourists may take advantage of the information about Flowing Wells Arizona available online from attractions, travel, and restaurants.