The City of Oro Valley, Arizona, incorporated in 1974, has grown into one of the fastest-growing communities in Pima County with a fast-growing economy and a diverse population. According to the latest U.S. Census, the community is now 41,011 and an increase of just under twenty-two percent since the last decade. The City of Oro Valley has many attractions that draw residents to its healthy, active lifestyle. These include the historic Red Rock Canyon, the Oro Valley State Historic Park, several outdoor activities, golfing, fishing, hiking, hunting, the Oro Valley Indian Museum, and the annual Oracle Fall Festival. Tucson, AZ can be seen here.

Located in the eastern part of Oro Valley, you will find the Sandia Mountains, one of the five National Forests in Arizona. They provide an ideal location for bird watching and other outdoor activities. The Sandia Mountains provide a variety of outdoor activities and events such as hunting, hiking, biking, and scenic strolls. Other attractions include Dinosaur State Park, Chihuahuan Desert National Monument, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. There are also historical and cultural events, cultural shows, and guided tours of the area. Discover facts about The Remarkable Scenic Area In Oro Valley, Arizona.

You will also want to consider the scenic Highway 41 near Oro Valley. It is an excellent place to take a motorcycle or ATV tour, which can take you to remote areas not accessible by traditional means. Highway 41 is also an excellent way to see the spectacular Sonora Desert and other nearby attractions. The road is closed to traffic every day, so it is ideal for taking a peaceful motorcycle or ATV tour. If you love wild horses, you will also want to stop by Chiricahua National Monument, a site where you can view hooves from the endangered Sonoran pronghorn. Traveling through this region offers you a chance to experience desert wildlife up close.