Arizona State Museum in Tucson, Arizona, houses more than two-thousand specimens and more than two thousand ancient artifacts. The Arizona State Museum in Tucson, Arizona, is considered one of the largest collections of its kind in the United States. The museum was founded in 1893 and was originally a repository for the state’s extensive collection and protection of cultural resources. Today, though, it houses artifacts, displays them, and offers educational research and education opportunities to those entering the museum. Learn information about Tucson, AZ here.

Established in Arizona State Museum in Tucson are the Departure Collection, American Indian Man and Woman, Early Arizona Native Americans, Gender, Family, Funeral and Memorial Collections, Historical Collections, Humana Muster, Native American Art Collections, Political/Environmental Collections, Religious History and Culture, Spanish American Art Collections, Western Utes and World Cultures. In addition to these significant collections, the museum has some lesser groups such as Arizona State Museum Food and Wine, Arizona State Museum Golf Equipment, Arizona State Museum Costumeware and Jewelry, Arizona State Museum Desk Accessories, Arizona State Museum Statuary and Encased Sculptures, etc. These collections showcase Arizona’s rich artistic and cultural heritage while providing visitors an up-close look at Arizona’s rich culture. This museum also serves as a repository of information about Arizona’s history and heritage, notable people and places, sports events, and much more. Discover facts about Appreciate Arizona’s Rich Cultural Heritage at Arizona History Museum in Tucson.

The Arizona State Museum in Tucson, Arizona, was designed and built primarily with the environment in mind. As such, it has carefully protected its collections from vandalism and theft while providing exhibitions that are educational, entertaining, and safe for all ages and skill levels. One aspect of the museum that can please even the most demanding visitor is the vast number of interactive exhibits and programs. It is an excellent way for families with young children to introduce them to Arizona’s fascinating past while getting them excited about the future!