The closure of the important Rage & Destruction store in Tucson, Arizona, has caused a great stir amongst its former customers and the local community. Many feel lost at the end of a unique passion-filled business. Rage & Destruction was a store, a place where people could buy and collect items for their nerdy and geeky interests. Information can be found here.

From comic books to retro video games to obscure entertainment media, Rage & Destruction offered it all for customers to explore and partake in. Without a doubt, this was a store unlike any other around Tucson, Arizona, and those who frequented it felt its closing as an unwelcome blow. Along with the unique merchandise that Rage & Destruction offered, their customers also enjoyed the genuine enthusiasm and helpfulness of the staff. The store’s proprietor could always be found behind the counter, eager to talk with customers and assist them with purchases, no matter how small. The team’s dedication to customer service was further displayed through in-store events, such as release parties for new products or tournaments for players of their favorite games. Ultimately, however, Rage & Destruction’s closing resulted from the economic climate. Despite having a loyal following of customers, the store simply couldn’t maintain profits, leading to the end of its business. The store’s closure marks a bittersweet moment for customers and the local community, as what was once a passionate and unique establishment has now ended. See here for information about The Importance of Funtasticks Family Fun Park in Tucson, Arizona.