Oro Valley, integrated in 1974, is a quiet suburban community located six miles south of Tucson, Arizona, in Pima County. According to the 2021 Census, the local population of this town is 41,911, an increase of twenty-three percent from the previous decade. The community of Oro Valley, Arizona, offers many attractions that draw people to its scenic locations, including golfing on its eighteen-hole golf course, boating on its lakes and river, hiking on its designated wilderness trails, or enjoying its nightlife, which features a mix of live entertainment like rock bands and comedy clubs, as well as various restaurants serving international cuisine. The year-round warm climate is also one of the attractions of this place. In addition, it has some of the best shopping malls and restaurants in the United States. Information can be found here.

In order to get to Oro Valley, some highways allow interstates exits, while others take you right into the city proper. Travelers can also use the major interstates exit on the south end of town to reach the airport and bus stations. Other than these major means of transportation, there are plenty of buses traveling to and from Oro Valley, Arizona, some of which stop in surrounding communities to drop off travelers. Taxis are available for those who want to ride around town but aren’t interested in traveling too far. Learn more about Attractive Destinations In Marana, Arizona.

Oro Valley, AZ, has some of the best hunting areas in the west. The mountains and forests of this scenic area attract hunters from every part of the country and around the world. A variety of species of game can be found in and around the national forest and lakes, including elk, mule deer, coyote, mountain goat, and pronghorn. However, if you want to go even closer to home, you might consider taking a bus into Oro Valley and ending up at Catalina Island, where you can take in some sights and still stay someplace to stay. There are plenty of great places to learn about the area and enjoy the sights and sounds that make this valley such a special place.