In Tucson, Arizona, the Valley of the Moon is a top-rated children’s amusement park located in the heart of the new Sunbelt area. It was on the National Register of Historic Places lists for Pima County, Arizona, as a historical landmark. Tucson’s city council has approved it as a historical landmark. See further information here.

This amusement park contains nine themed areas; Valley of the Moon, Looney Tunes Family Park, Movie World, Space Camp, Big Bear Mountain, Flashback Forest, and Timbuktu. Looney Tunes is where you can find Bugs Bunny and his crew as they give their best performances in all their adventures in Hollywood. Movie World provides the best showing of films from Hollywood. Space Camp is for science fiction, and this area hosts many space shuttle launches. Flashback Forest offers one of the best settings to see the original western movies, and Timbuktu is famous for its exotic handicrafts. Valley of the Moon in Tucson, Arizona, is a theme park dedicated to telling the story of the Spanish miners who founded this town over a century ago. There are many things you can do at Valley of the Moon in Tucson, Arizona. You can get close to all the action by being part of one of the rides, walking around, or only just taking in the beautiful scenery. Learn more about The Majestic University-Arizona Museum-Art in Tucson.

Valley of the Moon in Tucson, Arizona, is open late in the evening, so you can have hours of fun along the rivers or just riding on an airplane. Children can dive into the water fun attractions like the Wild West Water Park or go for an adventurous ride in the helicopter. This fun place is the perfect place for family outings and dates. So, if you are looking for a fun-filled place in Arizona with lots of nature parks, amusement parks, and rivers, Valley of the Moon in Tucson, Arizona, is an excellent place to choose. It may not be precisely the moon, but close enough.