In Tucson, Arizona, the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum is a great place to learn about trains and railroading history and the future. It is in the former records storage building in the old Southern Pacific Depot. You’ll see many original models and train galleries, plus some of the best train model railroading displays around. The museum has many neat memorabilia and other exciting things to learn about trains and railroading in general. There are also model train clubs that you can join if you’re interested in getting into model railroading. Click here for facts about Tucson, AZ.

The exhibits include locomotive and train models from the last century and one prototype train over 100 years old. Other notable items are vintage signs, train horns, and photos of the various train activities. This museum also features an operational model of a Southern Pacific freight train, and you can operate one yourself. You can choose from five different scenarios that pit you against a parade of the same era. It is just one of many ways that you will be able to enjoy this great attraction. The main collections consist of locomotives, rail cars, and other associated equipment from the past fifty years of rail transport in Arizona and across the country. Along with the main attractions, the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum also showcases many temporary exhibits like a soda fountain (replica or original), a model village, an ice cream van, a train chime, and many other impressive structures memorabilia. Click here to read about The Natural Charm of Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Arizona.

You will find that Southern Arizona Transportation Museum in Tucson is a great way to learn about traveling and railroading history. If you love to talk about the past and share your views on trains and railroading in general, you will probably enjoy this museum. And if you’re looking for something to do in Southern Arizona, you will find plenty to do, and a trip to this museum should be one of your top stops. You will not be disappointed with your Southern Arizona Transportation Museum trip!